Frequently Asked Questions

Zyleme is a reliable platform which gives Africans access to retailers abroad, we also connect Africans to multiple e-retail outlets across the globe. We bring the world to your doorstep by providing a seamless delivery system. We give our customers the luxury to order goods and pay via mobile money or card payments (Visa or Mastercard).

For shipments by air, 2 weeks after we receive the package from the store. For sea shipments, 8 weeks after we receive the package from the store

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy etc. As long as the item is available online, you can order through Zyleme. All you need is the link to the item.

Yes it does. Payment includes customs clearance and handling. It also includes delivery for customers in Accra.

Zyleme is an online marketplace that connects Africans to online stores globally. For Africans to compete globally we need the opportunity to can take advantage of deals and offers given by these stores. Zyleme does this by bringing the world to your doorstep.

Card payments (VISA/Mastercard ) and mobile money payments.